-To summit it all up-

despite the 6f=-14c night and blanketed with a sleeping bag rated for summer .  I still love the outdoors.  

I love to garden and in the summer 2017 I grew about 7 different types of chilis!  

I love to play guitar and make my own songs!  Most of my songs are finger picking with a touch of jazzy fabness.  

Gidget is 1-4 dogs back home in San Francisco. His name was a playful rhyme with the ewok wicket

I am still dreaming of owning a classic Mustang car.

His way of capturing the mood and aesthetics of the subject are reasons why I view Irving Penn as one of my favorite photographers. Irving Penn's Rolleiflex

My favorite technique of coffee making is the AeroPress! However pour overs are just as satisfying.

According to me Episodes IV, V and Vi are the  hierarchy of the Star Wars episodes.  


The challenge of balancing on a board while being dragged by boat at 30-60mph.

Favorite summer activity!

I recently found out that one of my talents is teaching.  Whether it be photography,photoshop, or compost tea for gardening.  Id love to teach it! 

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