Camping and Hiking: Big Sur at Vantana Wilderness

Camping near Big Sur in the lantana wilderness. On the Pine Ridge trail to sykes hot springs.

3 days , 2nights july 2 -July4.

I left the house around 8 am but wanted to get breakfast. So in 10 minutes im at Dennys. I made sure to get a breakfast that was high in carbs and Calories for the big trek.

-Fast forward - 10am I’m finally on the way to Big Sur. At the start of the day, I was uninspired and had second thoughts about going. Perhaps it’s a combination of money, driving, and going solo. Although I love going solo, this campout would be fun with a camp/hike buddy. 

-Fast Forward to 1:30pm I get to Big Sur station to register a fire permit. However, I forgot my stove so no need for the permit.  

This event has taught me that I don’t need a stove. (unless I need to boil water) I used the power of couscous( calories & carbs) with side dishes.

-ready-to-eat garbanzo beans

-trail mix

-dried mango

-plant-based oreo cookies

-cacao banana with trail mix

-Oatmeal (made overnight oatmeal, for two days)

  • all of which was consumed by the end of day 3

Pro Tip: I also concealed some oranges in the car as a snack when I got back. ( Your body will crave something citrusy and sweet) 

Started my hike at 2pm and got to Barlow camp at 6pm. I managed to take my time and also took a lot of photos. That seems to be my biggest hurdle! Photographing enough content and bringing my heavy ass camera. The views and hike were stunning. Mostly walking on the ridge overlooking Manuel peak and Vantana mountain. I intend to one-day hiking. It looks so badass.

2nd Day. I hiked 6 miles to skyes hot springs. It was underwhelming and the water in the spring looked unsanitized. I didn’t want to be around the spring much after that so I decided to head back to camp.

-Fast forward to 3 pm, I found myself at a spring and just lay out in the sun, taking in the water with bare feet and unapologetic stink. I randomly took photos of the water and tried to photograph some plants with some epic sidelight. they came out meh!!!

-On the 2nd night I had much better sleep and was ready for the hike out.

-On the 3rd day I woke up at 7:30 and headed out by 8:30. The hike back was much more easy, well anything with a light pack is always easy. It took about 3 hours to complete the trek back and I couldn’t wait to eat those oranges. 

This hike wasn’t a tough 4600 peak, it was just long and had some pockets of bare sun exposure. But overall I loved it! Solo camp and all! 

video attempt #3

“An idle mind is a devils playground”

Quarantine is forcing me to constantly use whatever outlet to keep my mind occupied.  So in that spirit ive been relearning premier pro.  Enjoy the art of beginning video edits.

Thailand blog

The worst thing you can do for yourself when your feeling detached from your work and perhaps feeling guilt or panicked about it is to punish yourself.  Take a break and do other things that interest you. Generate enthusiasm and learn to love making art again.  Thailand was God Sent and the perfect motivation.    

farm apprenticeship

What can I say about my farm apprenticeship at Earth Matters?  It has given me a bigger understanding of growing food. If you feed the soil your plants will grow. What vegetables can grow during the fall or spring?

Giraffe and tedious midnight the bike

I’ve had this image since 2011! Back then it was intended for a fine art project and the original root concept was booed off the stage. 

 “In the aftermath of a horrible performance splattered tomatoes, banana peels, oreo cookies, and shoes, surrounds the deadpan and tense jaw character.” 

 However, it never materialized until today. With a new root concept, I present to you my next and upcoming project. Titled: Giraffe and tedious midnight the bike. Ghost Hunt
stayed tuned for fun and silly updates

magical evening

its been awhile since I brainstormed on something creative.  So with that thought in mind I reworked this image of hatching man.  It is not done yet but it was practice  and using creativity definitely reminded me of the joys of art brainstorming. 


I am suspect of turning this real life couples wedding photo into a comedy with that i feel aweful.   

April 2019 call back

Its May and Im still unemployed!

But I can’t complain because getting a rug pulled from underneath you makes you appreciate the tiny micro things that ive taken for granted in the past.  

But I wanted to do a recap on April 2019.  April was a captivating month.  It started with lots of head room space that was later filled with experience, education, and growing pains.  


-Tv Production class met every monday and wednesday 630-930 for a whole month.  OUr final consisted of us having to make a live show and be seen on the bric facebook page. Tricaster anyone?

-Rash on the leg is becoming obsolete. 

-And I ran, I ran so far away

-The bulbs that was planted in Dec2018 came out full force. (see picture)

-Went to a hot sauce convention, and it was dope.  Hellboy hot sauce was pretty gnarly 


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