April 2019 call back

Its May and Im still unemployed!

But I can’t complain because getting a rug pulled from underneath you makes you appreciate the tiny micro things that ive taken for granted in the past.  

But I wanted to do a recap on April 2019.  April was a captivating month.  It started with lots of head room space that was later filled with experience, education, and growing pains.  


-Tv Production class met every monday and wednesday 630-930 for a whole month.  OUr final consisted of us having to make a live show and be seen on the bric facebook page. Tricaster anyone?

-Rash on the leg is becoming obsolete. 

-And I ran, I ran so far away

-The bulbs that was planted in Dec2018 came out full force. (see picture)

-Went to a hot sauce convention, and it was dope.  Hellboy hot sauce was pretty gnarly 


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